light pastels and other things

gardening is simple.  plant a seed.  watch it grow.  watch it bloom.  share it.  photograph the bloom.  or try.  these pictures were taken during the golden hour.  the light is perfect.  or almost.  the plant is in the right location.  or almost.  the plant is positioned perfectly.  or almost.  you have this all planned out.  or almost.  is this whining.  it could be almost.  or it could be learning.  take some pictures and then tell the story of the flower.  or almost.  this could be learning the other factors that get in the way of the flower and the story.  or starting to learn.  we can look at the next story and compare.  the flower is a pastel – Rainbow Maker.  a delicate thing with petals somewhere between pink and lavender.  a pale grey blue eye with a thin dark edge around the eye.  even golden hour light can be too harsh.  especially if the pastel flower is back lit.  if the flower were on the far side of the garden and the sunlight were on the face of the flower i might step in the way and cast a shadow.  not this day.  oh i imagine there were other possibilities.  maybe next time i will sort them out.  other flowers, darker flowers were still in the shade.  there was one almost as pastel.  on the far side of the garden.  facing the right way and still in shadow.  no one said learning is easy.  and then there is the red flower.  it is a cross of a golden seedling with a purple flower.  i will have to do a parent child picture of it soon.  the phrase that comes to mind ‘how did we get here Toto ?  this sure does not look like kansas.’  meanwhile i will take a third and fourth look at all of those colors in the eye zone…

11-036 Thais x Flower Shop

16-002 13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins ) x Trahlyta tet

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