half the fun

so what happens looking a flower pictures from last summer ?  well some of them go from the picture folder into the blog.  and some of them start that mythical next year garden planning process.  what will happen if Desert Icicle gets crossed with seedling 10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me ?  good question – it just might get remembered next summer.  and if i am lucky i might find out in a couple of years.

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me


2 thoughts on “half the fun

  1. John Hric Post author

    While I basically agree old man winter has returned. We are getting lake effect snow this AM and winter temps forecast for the next week. So we will wait until Spring. Which is actually a good thing. Skipping winter or having too mild a winter usually has some adverse carry overs into spring and summer. Glad to hear your cold is mostly over.


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