i could say we have a winter storm warning.  the storm is coming out of the center of the country and going right up into the northeast.  just about everyone in the midwest to the northeast is under storm warnings.  after clearing the snow i should be able to come in and continue garden dreaming.  stay warm and be careful…

13-007-001 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite

13-007-002 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – reverse bi-tone

16-002 13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins ) x Trahlyta tet

16-123 Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile x Naked X Ray Technician


4 thoughts on “winter

  1. Dan Antion

    Lovely pictures, John. We are in a little pocket of “winter weather advisory” while everything to the west and north of us in under a storm watch. I’m not sure if I should be happy or offended. I mean, what did I do to Mother Nature?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Good Mother Nature Bad Mother Nature. The good one will be here in Spring and Summer. Who knows maybe the good MN will spare you the storm and the rumored ice storm at its southern edge. Stay safe.


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