colder than

those folks on the weather are saying chicago is going to be colder than antarctica.  which also means we are too close to chicago.  even if we are not getting quite as cold.  and the roller coaster will continue.  by sunday we are supposed to have a temperature of 49.  is deep winter and spring supposed to happen in the same week ?  and now it is time to interrupt the forecast.

11-1107-J Open Hearth x Trahlyta

14-005 Stella’s Ruffled Fingers x Plenteous

Walking The Pattern

5 thoughts on “colder than

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    1. John Hric Post author

      Not only is it crazy. The best description would be that it plays evil havoc with the plants and creatures that have to endure these extreme changes. I don’t think even Captain America could endure too many close cycle freeze thaw cycles.

  2. M. Oniker

    What a wonderful blog find! (Yes, I generally check who is liking my own blog posts, usually to get a giggle at the robot (bot) sites.) I love, love, love daylilies. I’m scrolling through your pictures to see if you have one of my faves, which was a mini plant, that had the most rich buttercream petals and near black purple throats. I had that in a CA garden many years ago. Now, I’m in the other side of the country, in an apartment and no garden. But… daylily pictures on the Net! (Was also living in Ohio for about 10 years, too, but that weird, southern part known as Cinci. 🙂 )


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