most of the daylily plants in the garden are seedlings.  some are daylilies that we got before i began hybridizing – aka before i began growing daylily seeds.  the rest are parent plants or possible parent plants acquired from here and there.  even the seedlings, once they bloom, can become parent plants.  each year i make lots of crosses and about a third of those crosses produce mature seed.  as much as possible they are marked and tracked.  they are stored in our old coal cellar which is now a pantry.  eventually all of a year’s crosses go into a spread sheet and i go back and forth sorting out they crosses i most want to plant.  i have room to plant about 600 seeds each year so the sorting works toward that number.  about the second half of march or april is the ideal planting time.  some years the actual planting time does not happen until june or july.  it takes several weeks for the seeds to germinate.  they are all planted out doors in rows where they will grow for the next three years.  they are not moved or transplanted during that time.  some will start to bloom the second year.  most will be blooming by the third year.  during that time the most interesting plants get flagged.  the most frustrating plants get missed and lost.  and at the end of those three years the final selections get moved into the second level of observation and review.  somewhere about 30 or 40 plants make it to this level.  and along the way i get my exercise and a great deal of satisfaction.  now some of those seedlings.

  14-013-B 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-013-C 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-014 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-126 10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret x Sally Sue

14-153 12-0729-002 ? X Capulina


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