painting with seeds

you can go down to the store and pick out the colors you want to plant.  or you can take two flowers and put them together to make seeds.  some flowers are fairly predictable.  daylilies are a little predictable.  put two together and you may or may not get what you expected.  you may just get a small or a big surprise.  you can still pick your colors.  they just might be surprise colors.  and sometimes a surprise is a very good thing.

14-012 12-042 Irish Lullaby x ((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream

14-146 12-029 11-0708-D x John Sheehan ) x Skinwalker

14-160-2 Regency Heights x Rose F Kennedy

14-161 10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me) Regency Heights


5 thoughts on “painting with seeds

    1. John Hric Post author

      Glad you like it ! It is one of those surprise colors. One parent was lavender and the other dark purple. And that is how red is made some days. Not that there is a wrong or right way to make red. And it falls into the very very nice column.


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