old music

there is an old country western song that says prop me up by the jukebox.  it involves an unfortunate circumstance for the singer as he has absolutely no choice where he gets placed.  yup he is beyond all that.  still he gets to ‘listen’ to all his favorite music.  what a trade off.  now while i would not want to be out in the garden in this cold weather come summer i would not complain so much.  and yes the flowers are still prettier than this prose.  oh did i mention that the singer moves at the speed of a norwegian blue ?

10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream

12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

17G-BF002 yellow with purple Eyed seedling

4 thoughts on “old music

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Dan, I’m glad there were some good ones in there for you. I wonder if there is some truth to that song ? Hey who’s the stiff at the end of the bar ?


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