almost chaos

going to try this crosses seedling thing again.  it is starting off in a direction i was not expecting.  usually a post starts with me going through this year’s image folders on the pc.  and i might be able to do that.  however it looks like most if not all of the pictures are already on wordpress.  the question is can they be pulled together in one post.  and get put into a coherent post.  the starting point is the first set of parents Cerulean Star and Smoke Scream.  Cerulean Star is a 7 inch 17.8 cm lavender open form flower.  Smoke Scream is a 6.5 inch 17 cm purple round flower.

the seedling they produced looks like this and it was eventually named Navigator’s Light.

hold onto this flower for the moment while we look at another flower.  it is a cross of Trahlyta and Black Plush.  Trahlyta is a purple flower 6.5 inches 17 cm.  Black Plush is a red black flower about 6 inches 15.2 cm.

and that cross produce a seedling of orange red color with a dark eye.  and that seedling was crossed with a pink flower called Wind Frills,

this produced an 8 inch 20.3 cm red seedling.  now we will bring back the first seedling – Navigator’s Light a purple flower and it was crossed with the red flower.

the result is three purple seedlings in the 8 inch 20.3 cm size.  here they are

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

and that is why come july you will find me in the seedling bed coffee in hand first thing in the morning.

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