what came first ?  was it desperation or just an errant metaphysical question in the winter wind ?  who knows ?  however and without getting too metaphysical the real question is whose bloom and whose garden ?   people come to flowers each in their own way.  the garden might be a single flower.  or just a few flowers.  it might be a single pot on the stoop or on a windowsill.  or it might be something more.  it might be just enough for that person.  and that is all that matters.

11-1107-J Open Hearth x Trahlyta

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream

4 thoughts on “whew

    1. John Hric Post author

      we here at the shameless promotion of gardens institute know no shame. any garden will do. and now i think i have part – just part mind you – of some andrew lloyd weber tune playing in my head. something here in this response. careful you might get promoted to honorary shameless promoter. thanks for the comment Dan.

    1. John Hric Post author

      That’s what happens when they allow a blogger who may contain corm. dangerous stuff. especially if followed by the words do not try this at home and highly trained at the willie nelson institute.


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