a familiar situation

i take lots of pictures to get through the time between bloom seasons.  so it is not too much of a challenge to find the flowers for each post.  the camera is good at images.  many nights i feel like i just spilled all the words on the floor.  ideas that seemed good a few minutes ago drip right through the cracks and disappear.  others need sweeping away before they stumble onto the page.  there are a few flowers some even in this garden that open just before dark and bloom through the night and into the morning hours.  maybe if i sprinkle a few of those dried petals on the keyboard it would help the words.  i certainly have no fear words should overwhelm the blooms.  ever…

12-084 Volcan Fuego x Gudrid

12-084 Volcan Fuego x Gudrid

12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern

44 Let’s Do Some More aka 10-107 hpf x bat


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