some puzzles are made to solve.  they come with pre-cut pieces.  and those puzzles when you start you know what the finished picture will be.  making seeds in the garden is a different kind of puzzle.  you take two flowers, two plants, and you bring the pollen and the pistil together.  you may get 32 seeds.  you may get two or one.  these are the puzzle pieces.  and this puzzle is one you grow.  one that you do not know until each of those seeds or that one or two seeds grow and bloom.  and this puzzle is not pre-cut.  the picture is not finished until we are done adding flowers to the picture and new seeds to build the next section of the puzzle.  which flowers would you use for growing your puzzle …

6 thoughts on “puzzles

      1. John Hric Post author

        Some days waiting for spring can be really tough work. I hope she gets overtime for this weekend work. And I hope that last comment does not get me cutoff before my first serving.

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