dumb movies

dumb movies are not inspiration for words to accompany flowers.  denial works.  throw the tv into de nile.  just don’t bruise the hippos.  and this cold snow flaky weather lets up it might even be safe to get in the garden.  then again it is a good time to finish sorting those seeds for planting.  hmmm.

12-0707-003 09-005(hpf x brazillian orange) x WPW

3 thoughts on “dumb movies

  1. Dan Antion

    It’s a little cold and windy for outside work, up here. I might bundle up and take the pup for a walk. Otherwise, it’s inside stuff. We’re comfy in between two bands of snow.

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is a bit cold still. It is never to early to play the ‘oh look that label has fallen over or apart game’ in the garden. How did the label part blow that far away ? The bending down is part of the retirement exercise program. Who needs silver sneakers when you have a garden to play in? And if it is too cold I can go inside and sort seeds over a warm cup of tea.


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