stop thinking about what i am going to type.  or write.  save that energy to remember to go out into the garden in the morning.  and to remember to come back in when it gets dark.  and if there is any energy left over figure out which flowers to cross.  pictures work when you cannot get into the garden.  and getting into the garden works even better.  get as close to nature as you can.  it is one of the rules of this big round space ship.  the alternative is not at all pretty.

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle

2 thoughts on “stop

    1. John Hric Post author

      The weather has me ready to reach for my garden gear. Even though it is a bit early I am getting tempted. I will be able to do a little weeding. And the labels are all frost heaved in the seedling bed. So in a couple of days I will be able to start spending some time out there.


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