listen to the daffodils

it is supposed to snow over night.  the daffodils are going to do their best to ignore it.  maybe i can too.  sometime this coming week i am going to have to do a good walk of the garden and see what plants landed where.  and put on paper so i can find things later in the summer.   and if it is real nice i might get down and do a little weeding…

12-127 Nutmeg Elf x Suzie Cream Cheese

13-097 Volcan Fuego (Talon x Smoke Scream)

14-024 Pack Hunter x 11-021 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly Red

14-054 11-004 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker ) x Kinky Reggae


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