pictures have been selected.  the background noise of the gardening show might be more danger than amusement.  then there are my amusements in the garden.  i do like to attract  some nature to the garden.  there are several bird baths and water dishes through out the garden.  the birds come for the water.  there are toads and rabbits that pass through.  the squirrels are mostly harmless.  and the jury is still out on the chipmunks.  there is clover and other plants for the bees and butterflies.  and we definitely try to keep the deer out.  no garden salad for them.

14-097 Ice Carnival Tet x Open Hearth Tet

4 thoughts on “rambling

    1. John Hric Post author

      I don’t think they have been eating the daylilies so far. However I think there were enough chipmunk here that something decided to come here and hunt them. Which made a bit of a mess in the beds. Plants were pushed around during the chase. Then again it might be something chasing rabbits too.

      1. Dan Antion

        Our yard is currently under surveillance by a hawk. The squirrels seem to know when to stay in the trees. I think the chipmunks are relying on speed.

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