cosmic or comic

for inspiration try to avoid watching dead pool 2 followed by moma mia 2.  the cosmic comic interactions on a pre/post rational level are remarkably disjoined.  then again it could be the rain and drop in temperature.  we have already passed the time where we need to switch to the pictures.  way passed.  and yes too much tv is bad for the brain…


6 thoughts on “cosmic or comic

    1. John Hric Post author

      Not really. I have a few whites. And some have shown up in my seedlings. As far as the seedlings go most of the whites have shown up from crosses with a purple parent plant. The simple answer is I have not bought a lot of white flowered daylilies.

      1. M. Oniker

        Ah, thanks for the explanation. It wasn’t only your photos, I just haven’t seen a lot of white daylilies anywhere (but it also isn’t my hobby, so I’m not paging through catalogues daily).

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