green lawn

the lawn got trimmed today. along with some dandelions and quite a few other non grass plants. it is a lawn not just grass. there is one control and it is trimming. there are no weed control chemicals. for several years there have been no applications of any sort of fertilizer. the first trim was on the short side. the mower will quickly go up to the maximum cutting height and stay there for the rest of the summer. somehow the lawn manages to stay green even without much attention other than cutting. soon the clover will be coming up. the lilac is starting to bloom and columbine are sending up flower stalks. and there are more daylily plants to move. this gardener is not shoveling it.

6 thoughts on “green lawn

    1. John Hric Post author

      The clay soil does a good job of retaining nutrients. I do not fertilize the grass. The daylilies get plantone orgainic fertilizer, compost, and alphalpha when they are planted or moved. Other than that the plants make do with what is in the soil. We use compost and the plantone for the annuals in the pots. Things do okay here with that regime.


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