a few drops more

the soil is wet. saturated wet. don’t dig in me wet. the old guide is that if you squeeze the soil into a ball and it does not crumble apart it is too darn wet. there is nothing in that guide about the ball of soil starts to rain when you squeeze it. yeah it might be too darn wet. quick switch to flowers… …and yes it was wet the day these pictures were taken too.

9 thoughts on “a few drops more

  1. Washe Koda

    Rain drops on the lil’s 🙂 I prefer wet muddy when digging up and clumping the roots apart for transplanting 🙂 but that is just me 😉

    1. John Hric Post author

      There are certain benefits to wet and muddy. For one there is no worry about watering the transplant. And it keeps that inner kid happy and young playing in the mud !

    1. John Hric Post author

      You are going to be enjoying the pictures from this folder Dan. I took a lot of pictures that day. And they all seem to have rain drops on them. And while I do enjoy the blossom rain drop combination the hybridizer part of me does not. You gotta keep your pollen dry. Still that is just bloom season outside in the garden. And a rainy spring generally makes for a very good bloom season. So maybe that voice in my head won’t be too grumbly.

  2. Almost Iowa

    At least your soil is dry enough to roll into a ball. Around here, you would have to use a ladle. I saw a guy yesterday, welding pontoons onto his tractor.


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