not old man river

the song says old man river keeps on rolling along. rolling spring is not. leaping. sprinting. impatient as all get out. that would be spring. so a few spring flowers and a few daylilies from the previous year. dwarf iris are in bloom. the bearded iris are next…

7 thoughts on “not old man river

    1. John Hric Post author

      The folder I am using is large. We should have wet flowers right up to or very close to when I switch back to live blooms. So keep enjoying them Dan. When we switch back to live you may start hearing a faint chant… ‘Dry pollen, dry pollen, dry pollent…’

  1. M. Oniker

    Swoon! I especially love the first flower. And lilacs… it must smell so good around your home! You should see the lilacs here in New Hampshire. They grow several *stories* high!!!!


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