• oh don’t start with a dash. and of course there is the pre-publish button. you hit that button and think it might publish. except it needs to be hit a second time to really publish. now to figure out if that is a windows enhancement or a gutenburg enhancement.

let’s see if i can accidentally wander into tonight’s post. it was a mostly gorgeous day in the garden. two beds got mulched. four plants got ejected on a musical chairs technicality. and now there is some room in the garden for the plants that should be coming in the mail. yes i do not have enough plants yet. i need a few more to make crosses with. mainly because genetic predictability is highly over rated. and chaos is always a choice. no doubt it is one of the reasons to hit the publish button twice.

4 thoughts on “mostly

  1. Hannah the Zebra

    Hee hee. Yes. I especially find that I do not understand WordPress as well as I think I do when I’m trying to post late at night. The next morning, it’s usually is easier. 😉

    Lovely photos, John!

  2. John Hric Post author

    Eventually I will slog my way through and learn these changes ( so WP can bring out new changes ). Night time is my usual time. Come summer it is coffee and camera in hand to see what the garden offers. And flag tape. The daylily blooms do last but one day so a flower I want to keep must be marked so I can find it again and separated from the heard so to speak. Come fall and spring the flowers are gone and everything is green spikey leaves. It is way too easy to loose the plant I am hoping to save. I am glad you enjoy the flowers.


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