it was a sunny day today. and the peonies were in good shape after yesterday’s rains. a good reason to catch them at their best. peonies are a hardy perennial. these were planted forty years ago. they come back year after year. according to the web they flower for 7-10 days. it might be a bit longer overall if you have more than one variety. what ever the length of bloom they are totally worth the experience. that would include the peony petal snow as each flower brings down the curtain. and as you can see this first one is getting ready to dim the lights. the rest were in very good form today.

10 thoughts on “peonies

    1. John Hric Post author

      I will be sure to check them out. It was the right day weather wise. And even if I need to turn in my daylily card peonies are luscious and beautiful.

  1. janesmudgeegarden

    I’ve had one peony in my garden for 3 years and it has done nothing, so it’s lovely to see yours which are beautiful especially the last one. They have such glorious colours. I think the climate here is too challenging for them.

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