something old, something new

it works for gardens too. there are no new daylilies blooming in the garden today. there is the same new daylily that bloomed two and three days ago. i could show it again. or i could show other flowers until this year’s flowers really start blooming. oh and there are lots of new plants. double wrapped. or should i say lots of seeds in envelopes. the paper ones with notes on the outside. and the seed coat envelopes with the notes from mother nature on the inside. some people might call those inside notes genetics. the notes that are going to shape those new plants into their own unique shapes. so here is a picture of seed sorting day. four boxes of envelopes covered the dining room table. the seeds i want to plant are now in one box and ready to be planted. some seeds for planting for this year. and some pictures of the flowers that made those seeds. and just in case you need the reminder – planting day is near everyone get out of the meadow… thus spake auntie shrew.

8 thoughts on “something old, something new

  1. fauquetmichel

    I am surprised . You got your daylilies by seeding ? By this way you have new races of daylilies. It is a work of searcher and fine gardener .
    In friendship


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