trade offs and rationalizations

yeah we do that. all the time. one new daylily flower bloomed this morning. a second new one was starting to open at dusk. some are nocturnal bloomers. if i keep watching i might just notice things. i had not noticed this flower was nocturnal. looks like there will be more observation involved. cause sometimes things can be unpredictable. so a pink one bloomed this morning. the yard is full of scapes. they are green and blend right in with the background. lantana are starting to bloom. and today’s bloom has a flatter wider more open face than the yellow bloom. it used to be the individual petunias showed in the pot. now they are all growing together in a big mass of color. and lastly getting back to the pink and the yellow daylilies. the yellow bloom has more of a trumpet shape. guess which way we usually rationalize that. i guess we usually don’t see it from the side…

3 thoughts on “trade offs and rationalizations

  1. John Hric Post author

    My replies keep drifting off. hrumph. About the side view – I agree it is pretty. I try not to let rationalizations in either direction keep me from enjoying a flower. Thanks Dan !


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