other silliness

it is silliness. it appears the plants are trying to bloom quicker. that plants that should bloom later are blooming too soon. that bloom season will be compressed. there is a zen gardener out there somewhere saying ‘keep calm and garden’. it is going to be what it is going to be. why do i think this ? it is only july 7 and the flower known as Autumn Minaret is sending up a scape. yes it is early. ‘keep calm’. there is Flutterby. it was given a little more room to grow and it is very happy. it has gone from one flower scape to four. Flutterbye now i do like that name as much as the flower. there is the seedling with a hint of pattern in its eye. and Skinwalker seedling that likes our northern winter better than its parent. and two Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile seedling that took the skinny genes from the other parent Wanda Evans. it may be a compressed year. some of that compression is very good…

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