this past weekend we were a part of garden walk. people came and saw our garden. and i had a chance to explain a little about the daylilies. how putting two flowers together can generate surprising results. well here is a small bit of that. two seedlings from the same cross. and the two parent plants. one parent plant is Skin Walker. it is a delicate slender ribbon of a flower. and the other is Indigo Ignition. it is a flower that packs all of its energy in the color of the flower. oh did that flower have a shape. well it might have except what i remember is the color. different traits were passed on to each seedling. it is too long a story to tell tonight. however it did begin when one bee said to the other bee ‘here hold my nectar – watch this !’

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  1. aprilkmcleish

    Wow. So many different variations! I hope you continue to work on this. My favorite was the one that is mostly yellow in the middle with the magenta on the outside.

  2. Niki Flow

    I want the job of the person thinking up flower names. Skinwalker sounds like a horror villain, not a gorgeous lily. Thanks for sharing these flower photos. Just beautiful! ♥.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Skin Walker is a name from Native American mythology. Picking the names can be fun. Usually the person who hybridizes a flower usually names it. Glad you enjoy the flowers !

      1. Niki Flow

        Hey John! Thanks so much for explaining! I’ll look for that mythology. =) I really do. I love flowers. I grow begonias well. That’s about it, so far. ♥.

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