tag’em and flag’em

some days it is a dash through the garden. too much stuff going on. rush through and take some quick pictures. take them much too quickly to actually see what you just photographed. later at night looking at the photos the question arises ‘who gave the camera to the speed demon?’ this morning the bloom was faded and withered. still there was enough to figure out which one belonged to the seedling. now we can start working on the really difficult part. finding a spot for all those flagged seedlings in other parts of the garden. somehow, someway, some jostling this white and purple beauty is going to get saved… if i can do this that job as curator at the sardine museum will be a cinch…

4 thoughts on “tag’em and flag’em

  1. susansdailygarden

    Definitely – it’s beautiful!
    And definitely understand about the pitfalls of a busy schedule and having to rush. Lately I find that when I go out to enjoy the garden I have gone the other way – I get lost in the moment and forget to come back and take pics. Very unusual for me. Luckily I have but a few seedlings, in their second year, and alas, it looks like no flowers this year.
    Thanks for continuing to share!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Sorry to hear the seedlings are not blooming this year. My seedling schedule has been thrown out of wack the last couple of years and that absence of new bloom can be disappointing. You are welcome.


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