before its time

there used to be a commercial. the wine would not be released before its time. this seedling was planted in 2012. it bloomed some time in either 2013 or 2014. it is a diploid seedling so the first bloom might not have been as big or the colors might not have been quite the same. they usually settle down to something consistent in the third or fourth year of growth. the fluctuations in our weather can do similar things to daylily growth. some, not all plants have been 6 or even 12 inches shorter from one year to another. this plant has been very consistent during this time. during the observation process plant behavior for bloom size, plant height, bloom period, bud count, pollen and pod fertility and other qualities are noted. a pretty faced bloom can weigh heavily so much so that other qualities fall by the way side. choices can be subjective. eventually choices are made and some plants stay and others are eliminated. and the cycle repeats. one of the decision points is how slow or how fast a plant grows and increases. if there is more of a plant you can do things with it. if there is very little there is less you can do with it. this plant appears to be ready to go to the next level.

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