try try

and try again. the cross for this seedling has been made several times. it has been made over several years. some times the seeds did not get planted. somehow someway somewhen these seeds did get planted. one of the parents is Blast From the Past a flower out of Challenger. Challenger is one of the oldest registered daylilies from 1949. the other parent is a mysterious seedling that appeared here in the garden one day. it could just be a dropped seed. or it could have been planted by the garden sprites. both parents are end of season late bloomers. one is orange and the other is yellow. both have a pretty good branch and bud count. it seemed like a natural choice to bring them together. well this yellow seedling is the result. it is blooming now. it will come out of the seedling bed for more evaluation. and with a little favorable weather this one will be in some seeds soon…

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