the other day i watched this butterfly glide in gentle as a feather. no flutter or bounce just a smooth effortless glide right to the flower. it was patient and let me get close for picture. the garden is getting ready to go into its own gentle glide. it will not be too long before the choice in flowers narrows down. there will be a handful of the same flowers to capture images. and i will start sorting through the memories of the summer. and moving plants as the game begins again.

8 thoughts on “butterfly

    1. John Hric Post author

      GP I think this butterfly was somehow aware of the butterfly effect. The wings were locked in a V and it came in on the gentlest flight path. A dead stick landing if you will. So perhaps the repercussions will also be gentle. I heard many more than one too many 100 year storms of late. It is enough to make one go looking on Youtube for instructions on building a combination ark and apocalypse bunker. And on that thought I am going to drift back to the scene of that butterfly gliding in. It even managed to time it between take offs from the airport. No jet roar just silence.


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