add a drop of chaos and stir. the zinnias are in bloom. the butterflies are fluttering amok. and loving it. viceroys, admirals, skippers, and monarchs are all over. fun stuff to watch. and it is moving day and weeks in the garden. not just the butterflies. it is moving day for plants. one of the beds for selected flowers has been cleared. a clean garden bed waiting for flowers. and the flagged seedlings are being moved into that bed. those pipes and orange drive markers ? well they mark the 46 spots where plants will go. please don’t remind me there are another 54 some seedlings flagged and the laws of physics and physical space that govern finding an empty spot to plant. somehow a small miracle will occur before next summer. and then there are the minor hiccups. the plant label 16-147 should be 16-149. when i cleared the foliage at the base of the plant label 16-149 was there. oops! a few corrections to the notes and all will be well. actually it will be weller. there are two of three more plants from the 16-149 cross. and it is a very exciting cross. next summer will be fun. even if i do need to find more room for these plants… oh and the corrected flower label 16-149 11-037 Smoke Scream x Talon) x Gail Braunstein) x Orchid Conversion.

3 thoughts on “autumn

    1. John Hric Post author

      bigger glass. ruthless review of older garden plants. and fifty new spaces. It might take a repeat of the three fingers to winnow things down. And a bit anguishing over who stays and who goes. Kinda like editing a novel to just enough story and nothing that does not add to the story and the plot.


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