when we look at a flower what do we see ? does the flower set the context ? is it the garden ? or do you set the context ? or is it the day ? i imagine it can change from day to day. perhaps flower to flower can change it too. you go first. what does this flower do ?

like i said the context can change. i have looked at this flower before and wondered. in the bright sunshine of the garden i might have other thoughts. tonight on the little screen the response is something with fire. perhaps with afterburners kicking in.

3 thoughts on “see

  1. Niki Flow

    This flower begins singing joyfully at the break of dawn in a voice no human ear can detect, but our souls can hear it. When we hear her, we feel better for it and a little more hopeful somehow. ♥.

  2. Dan Antion

    This is what Like about the images you share, John. They are always different. I think you could literally share the same flower for several days in a row and it would be a treat to see.


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