under the snow and over the snow sits some seedlings and a label. the label is made from an old window blind. right now it is the kind of label that gets tossed around by winter. frost will eventually push it up out of the ground. then the wind will get it. it won’t go far. it will just go far enough. far enough to start a good puzzle. yes it will still go between 18-143 and 18-145. until they decide to do their part and join the puzzle. does it go between those two sets of green leaves ? or four back ? or is it the next row over ? unlike word jumble garden jumble comes with few clues. so hopefully after this bout of snow a wind resistant label will take its place. the cross is 18-144 ( 13-088 Morticia sdlg x Hope Hunt). parent images follow. and lastly a winter wind proof and still not everything proof place marker. hey stuff happens. always…

8 thoughts on “labels

    1. John Hric Post author

      the plastic blinds work just fine at planting time. and the number two pencil is about as permanent as it gets. strangely enough permanent marker pens on the same plastic is not very permanent. the effects of the win quite easily. the printed labels on the pvc pipe work for several seasons. it is a process that happens in its own time. to put it in a somewhat similar comparison how itchy would you get leaving an only copy unbound manuscript unsupervised in a room full of readers ? besides I could not afford NASA engineer labels. Nor the launch schedule…

  1. TamrahJo

    Lol – I laughed about the ‘wind’ and traveling – in my youth, here, the ‘wind’ carried a full sized stock tank south of Kutch – which is about 25 miles southeast of here, as the truck drives or crow flies – LOL – but, I confess, the one pic looks like pvc pounded into the ground with a t-fitting on top with the marker – surely, if the pvc is a foot or so long, it will survive wind? rain? blizzards? tornadoes? Or does floods and earthquakes happen there? I know little, here, about quaking earth and flooding earth (other than flash floods that occur because drought, barren landscape is so poor at soaking in rainwater when it finally arrives…) LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      The PVC can get knocked over by deer, squirrel and gardeners. Otherwise it mostly stays in place. When I finally get to it it is the mostly safe answer. Though getting there sometimes takes a bit of effort.

    1. John Hric Post author

      There are just enough. And people keep adding to them. I will have to see about finding some pictures of then newer varieties that I don’t have.


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