too weird

yeah too weird. the question is too weird to touch ? too strange to experiment with and find something new ? or too weird not to investigate. so weird one cannot walk away from the opportunity. then again that has always been the issue. how does one recognize opportunity ? is it so unusual that it must be categorized as ugly ? or does one need to look to bring out the beauty ? the contest continues day to day. there will always be something that we do not quite understand. something we need to seek. a chance to comprehend. is there too much green in this flower ? or not enough in a better dispersion …

5 thoughts on “too weird

  1. niasunset

    Yes, for me too, dear John, nothing is really too weird! They are so beautiful, so beautiful… Thank you, Have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  2. TamrahJo

    I will risk being banned from commenting by saying, “It’s a flower – who has survived in the out of doors, and perhaps, too, has survived enough to bloom, no thanks to human intervention, so who cares? It’s a flower, it’s a alive and it was strong enough to bloom – what shows up is just, for me, a bloody miracle, in and of itself – as long as it doesn’t decide to cross pollinate all your other versions and/or spread through your place like bindweed choking out all other living things – well – it’s a flower – and it’s beautiful – and yes, what an intriguing green tint it has – rather like some did a gradient in PhotoShop – – 🙂


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