purple Starman’s Voyage. it is tall in the 40 inch 106.1 cm range. and it has about a 6 inch 15.2 cm flower. i will have to take a look at how crowded it is. because it has been here a while and it has not increased much. i will also need to give some thought to what plants i might want to cross it to. even if a plant is not doing all the amazing things you might wish it is still worth a try for crossing. often times good genetics are just waiting to come out in the next cross. and unless one tries well you will just never know unless you give it a shot. one final note before the picture. happy thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “starman

  1. TamrahJo

    ? Please clarify, as I like seeing the different day lillies as many of them survive here, in my perennial landscape of ‘loving neglect’ from me once they are established, but often don’t bloom and certainly not this time of year – given your blog title, I suspect not at this time of year, for you either, unless you are blogging about last years bounty? Neither here or there, just curious and do like seeing the blossoms in dead of Winter – – 😀

    1. John Hric Post author

      The daylilies here bloom from about mid June through mid August. There are a few that do bloom into Sept and October. We are all done here until next June. I will be showing pictures of last season until then.

      1. TamrahJo

        OKAY! Thanks!!! I don’t ‘keep up’ as well as I should – on whole threads, etc., and I was pondering, “Hmmm… blooming in Ohio? Might work here — ” LOL – 🙂

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