where to

pick up a flower any flower you might choose and apply your whims. whether it is the color or the mix of colors, or some other quality and wish a few or all of those elements into the next edition of that flower. the first flower below is as good as example as any. and one that so far is untried. what to take and where to take it ? well the flower will have a bit to say about that. actually both flowers the pollen and the pod parent. so it will be a bit of wish and a bit of we will see. and then there is a bit of practical experience. the two parents are Naked X-ray Technician and Kyoto Swan. both of them in the purples color range. and two different days of what i am fairly sure are the same seedling from those two parents. one day with a bit of sculptural shaping of the flower. and both of them demonstrating the ability of purples to respond to changes in the weather and temperature. they can and often do drift from the red to blue shades of purple from one day to another. so back to the first question. pick a flower both pod and pollen parent. how would you guide the next iteration ?

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