yesterday’s purple was a diploid. 22 chromosomes. this one is a tetraploid. 44 chromosomes. you can plant them in the same garden. you can plant them side by side. however if you are thinking of making seeds from the two of them prepare for frustration. prepare for disappointment. prepare for another level of confusion and chaos. a cross between a diploid and a tetraploid is rare. it can occasionally happen. and that will lead to other confusions. what are the new seedlings – are they dips or tets ? you have to cross it with a flower known to be a tet or known to be a dip and see if the cross results in seeds. the alternative is very expensive lab equipment.

3 thoughts on “purple

    1. John Hric Post author

      on top of those machines I think I would need some very fine tweezers and a microscope just to get the right parts to put in the expensive machine. Maybe it is time to call Tony Stark’s gardener…


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