that n this

saw an unusual sight the other day. it was not that there were several hundred birds mobbing the feeders. it was just that for the 4th day of the new year several birds seemed to be very out of place. actually more out of time. out of season. red wing black birds are a sign of spring around here. they are gone in winter. yet on that day there was not just one red wind black bird. instead there were four. they were there for only a moment. and then with the other hundreds they were gone. still with their red shouldered wings they lit the beacons of unusual. strangely enough the feeders needed refilling that afternoon. now back to something slightly less unusual, a daylily. or at least the image of one from last summer… and should you be paying close attention this is Jack Sprat not Orchid Majesty. it seems they were transposed in the garden. and only now are things being temporarily set aright…

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