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a couple of flowers from last summer. one is a rose of sharon. it is similar to hibiscus. it is hardy here. though not particularly long lived. it grows into a fair sized shrub and after a few years is covered with flowers. they drop plenty of seeds to replace the parent plant which after not too many years fades away. they are pretty while they last. if you don’t mind weeding or cutting away lots of seed pods. now the daylily is one called Ruffled Strawberry Parfait. the ruffles have some pointy teeth. it is pretty enough. who knows i might even keep it in spite of trying to fill up the yard with spidery and unusual form daylilies with flowing petals.

11 thoughts on “go back add title

  1. Dan Antion

    We have many rose of sharon bushes in the yard, and they are trying to take over. So far, we’re letting them have a go at it. I’ve had to move a few and prune a few probably farther back than they cared for, but…

  2. Planet Dream Diaries

    Both are beautiful. While I live in FL … you’d think I’d be surrounded by flowers. However, I face a reserve (no complaints I’m a lover of trees as well of birds and have a plethora of both), so I don’t get to see so many of the beautiful flowers that I love, or would love. This was a pleasure to see.

    1. John Hric Post author

      one of my other favorite things is to be in the woods. there is so much to see and experience. If one is quiet and takes the time to look there is a lot to see. Some days the sights are very much unexpected. Glad you enjoy the flowers.

      1. Planet Dream Diaries

        Oh I do, very much (enjoy the beautiful flowers – I’m a lily lover, though I love all flowers, including wildflowers). I’m with you, I LOVE walking in the woods, there’s an energy near the trees, any tree, even 1 tree, but with many it’s so poignant. An ancient and connecting feeling – with yes, much to see. There’s a small patch of reserve, very small that I face and care for a bit, from my windows and porch. We have so many birds, black, blue, cardinals, doves, starlings and more, as well as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, a few snakes here and there, tons of lizards, dragonflies often flying about, it’s magical. In this ever growing, too fast growing world that we live in, with far too many acres of trees being cleared for more shopping and “more” of everything we don’t need anymore of, it’s a lovely blessing for me to be near my small patch of the woods and be one with the life that it is. 🙂

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