not ready

this is a leap and it is not. it will effect the the garden and the flowers. the question is how much and how soon ? okay that was two questions. i watched the democratic debate tonight. all of the candidates acknowledged climate change to one degree or another. one candidate places it as his number one priority. one of the reasons is the year 2030 has been given as a tipping point. if the current trends do not change in global warming and the increase continues in green house gasses like carbon and methane, and fossil fuel use continues at the current rate 2030 could be a point of no recovery. that is a scientific prediction. some will say we cannot change the weather and there no way we could change something as big as the climate either. really ? we have already proven we can do amazing things. some good. some not so good. we have gone to the moon and back. we have also stopped as in dried up some rather big rivers. the colorado, the yellow river, the amu dayra and the syr darya have all been reduced in flow for human use so that their water does not reach the sea. the yellow river was once one of the most powerful rivers on the planet. there are portions of the atlantic and pacific oceans that are filling with plastic waste. the vast majority of glaciers are rapidly melting. the normal weather patterns are alternating between too dry and too wet. and it is effecting agriculture and drinking water. storms that are supposed to happen once every 100 and every 1000 years are occurring at much more frequent rates. fire storms in california, other western states, and australia are out of control. the artic and antartic ice caps are disappearing. greenland ice is melting too. and there are huge mysterious holes appearing in the earth in siberia. they have been attributed to melting methane previously trapped by permafrost. do we know enough about global warming and mankind’s role in it ? not nearly enough. i fear and hope that we are embarking on a crash course on it. given our current skills and our affection for the petrochemical economy i hope we have enough time. 2030 is way too close for us to start on getting our act together. given all the various ways climate change has effected us so far it makes me want to rename it to reflect the level of challenge we are experiencing. a level that may get more difficult before it gets better. i am beginning to think of it as climate revolution. and before we are done mother nature may relentlessly beat into us the result of our thoughtless meddling. and yes i still hold a flower of hope. if we survive it it will make us stronger. maybe even smarter too…

9 thoughts on “not ready

  1. parkartist

    To me climate is the biggest single issue all politicians should be paying attention to.I’m reading a very scary book at thee moment, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’. a story of the future. by David Wallace-Wells. Its published by penguin books and obtainable from Amazon.
    I do enjoy seeing pictures of your day lilies.I have several stalwarts in my garden and love them, though sadly I have no room for more. they are tough and don’t mind the salt winds as we live on the coast.

  2. mvschulze

    If there is just a POSSIBILITY, our actions could stabilize global warming…. (need I say more?) and If only intelligence and the initiative came from the top… M -:(

  3. Dan Antion

    10 years is a very small amount of time, John. But if we start, we can still make a difference. Maybe then 10 becomes 15. Maybe in 15, if we keep working, it becomes 25. We can do this, but we need people willing to take the long view and work accordingly.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I hope so Dan. It is the quote unquote leaders that take the short greedy view that are the most disturbing. Because they are pulling us in the wrong direction.

  4. susansdailygarden

    I don’t know enough to be able to decipher what one camp says from what the other says, scientifically. I do know though that I can do my small part. Continue to plant gardens that we and others enjoy – including the bees, the butterflies, and a variety of birds. I can limit the number of errands by planning well, I can refuse to be involved in fast fashion that creates massive waste, I can continue to be mindful of how much we really need – in food, in vehicles, in size of a home that needs to be maintained, and I can be kind to the land we own and the creatures on it while also being responsible with our health (deer tick repellant recommended).
    It’s a mindset of personal accountability. If we all started with our small part, we could accomplish a lot. What I cannot abide is grand plans for others by those who themselves have massive consumption.
    Gorgeous lily again today! As always, thanks!

    1. John Hric Post author

      I like the small starts. If enough people take that approach that is a start. As for deciphering what one camp says I think the huge continent wide fires in Australia, the disappearing ice caps in the Artic, Antartic, and Greenland, and the ever increasing size of Pacific typhoons do a lot to take away the climate deniers. I think it is a good bet to start trying to fix the climate now. The alternative does not look pretty at all… I would much prefer you and I still have the option to enjoy the flowers. Thanks

      1. susansdailygarden

        Yes. I fear that one of the biggest obstacles to change is that the very same elite political and celebrity class that is proposing grand changes is the exact same set of folks who jet off to climate change summits with massive excesses. It’s hard to take those folks seriously when they don’t even care enough to change their own behavior. I think they do more damage than good with their “Do as I say, not as I do” behavior.
        Getting folks in who are already doing things, and can point to objective results, not just emotions, would probably go much much farther in leading this effort.

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