winter ?

up until now the snow and most of the winter weather has skipped around us. the next few days may actually be winter here. an excellent time to deal with off season gardening activities. who knows i might even get to that seed sorting thing. at some point the information on each envelope will be entered into a spreadsheet. then the selection and winnowing begins. there is room for about 600 seeds in the seedling bed. some crosses produce 30 seeds. others as few as 1 to 3 seeds. i try to keep the selection fairly split between diploid and tetraploid seeds – that is seeds with 22 chromosomes and those with 44 chromosomes. usually no more than 5 seeds from a given cross will be planted. then there is the guessing game on seed quality or germination. some very plump healthy seeds never do sprout. some very wrinkled dried out hopeless looking seeds do sprout. you never know what will happen until you plant them and wait for the little green shoots to appear above ground. i do know some of those wrinkled hopeless looking ones do sprout because those are the ones that if i have extra seeds two or three seeds go into the same hole. and three or four years later i figure out all three sprouted and there are three different though often very similar seedlings growing in one spot. now for a flower, some envelopes waiting for the seeds to come out of the dried pod, and a before picture of the envelope box. the after picture of the envelope box is something stuffed full, very full of envelopes…

3 thoughts on “winter ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      There will be quite a few envelopes to enter into the spread sheet. I end up making more crosses than I need because many of the attempted crosses never take. And to a certain extent ‘planning’ crosses does not take into account what new seedlings/flowers are available and become preferred.


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