seedlings and plants with Trahlyta heritage. these and a few others are here in the garden. and just in case you are in doubt this line of plants hold my interest. first Trahlyta…

3 thoughts on “heritage

  1. Planet Dream Diaries

    John are these all of the Lily family? So beautiful. They appear to be, but I cannot lie, I don’t know much about flowers other than to see them and think they’re beautiful – but I do love a Lily, as little as I know about them.

    1. John Hric Post author

      These are all daylilies. Lilies are a separate species. Lilies bloom for multiple days. Daylilies bloom for one day. Lilies have a stem with leaves growing from it and blooms at the top. Daylilies have a scape with no leaves. The sole purpose of the scape is to bear flowers. Daylilies produce a fan of leaves at ground level. They do not have a stem at all. There are no snap quizzes here. Just enjoy.


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