diploid Trahlyta

yesterday was Trahlyta at the tetraploid level. that is 44 chromosomes. tonight is the same flower at the diploid level. that is 22 chromosomes. the two Trahlytas dip and tet look identical. and after the resemblance starts to deviate.

2 thoughts on “diploid Trahlyta

  1. Planet Dream Diaries

    Oooow, the Firey Cauldron, Trahlyta-x-black-plush-x-desert-icicle and Trahlyta x Bark At Me are beautiful (they all are, but those were my favorites). John what are those lovely little flowers surrounding the bark at me? As well as the tall think purple? I love the colors, they’re so pretty, they make me feel happy. 🙂 And, how in the world are you keeping them alive in the Winter weather? Greenhouse? Signed, a happy, flowery admirer hehe. Kimberly


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