Dragons Eye and Trahlyta

and a little bit about the block editor. eventually. Dragons Eye and Trahlyta are the parents of a plant i grow here. Dragons Eye is red on pink. Trahlyta is purple on a grey lavender. together they produced a flower named Indigo Ignition. a flower that teases one to capture its purple on camera. it was crossed with another favorite purple Venus of Willendorf. so far this purple surprise has me excited. the big lavender eye zone is fascinating to me. so the pictures should show the journey from Dragons Eye and Trahlyta down to this new seedling. lastly a bit about WP block editor. it is a technology change. and like all technology change a bit of an adventure. there is another page here that deals with the commercial side of daylilies. i tried to make a change to the homepage. i am still trying to sort out what happened. it appears that the date the page is published is part of the meta data and that meta data appears on the homepage. in trying to change that meta data well things got messy. at the moment the homepage has fallen into some crack in the internet. eventually the adventure should reach a calm point. i hope. we now return to our original daylily pictures… and yes this part is block editor too…

8 thoughts on “Dragons Eye and Trahlyta

  1. Prior...

    Wonderful collage of photos – and Hearing about the home page falling into the cracks – well you have an upbeat attitude about it and knowing change with tech does come and go 😉

    1. John Hric Post author

      Knowing that there is a fun seedling waiting for this summer shoves the WP editor problem over into the small stuff column. We do our best not to sweat the small stuff. Glad you enjoy the flowers.

    1. John Hric Post author

      That is one of the fun things about daylilies. There is plenty to choose from. And usually more than a few that catch one’s attention. Glad you enjoy Dragons Eye. Thanks


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