front ear

it snowed more today. there are supposed to be lots of words to describe the different types of snow. today’s snow was a thick layer of slush with a dusting of snow on top. it is a pain to shovel and even less fun when it freezes and one tries driving over it. and no snow throwing machines do not like giant flat snow cones. and like it or not that leads into tonight’s daylily and gratuitous pun. i plant my daylilies way too close together. i need to resist the urge to tuck one more in between. sometimes plants need to come out so the other plants can grow with enough light and space. yes space is the final front ear. too many daylilies in one spot is just as awkward as an ear in the middle of you forehead. and now that the pun is out of the way we can move on to the daylilies. this one is doing much better now that it is not so crowded. it is a big yellow spidery daylily called Adaline Goldner. now that it is growing better there are more blooms, more pollen, and more seed pods to produce new plants…

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