this is another flower from a dayton garden. the kind you are not too likely to find in my garden. this flower instead of having a ruffled edge has teeth. if i had more room there would be some of these and some other varieties in my garden. it is a beautiful flower. i just keep filling up garden space with other pretty daylilies. and i can enjoy them no matter what garden they are in and no matter what forms they take…

8 thoughts on “toothy

    1. John Hric Post author

      Kim, There are several daylily clubs in Texas. So yes they will grow there. Depending on where a plant was originally grown it may or may not grow as well in another section of the country. There are local sources and I would recommend you start there.. Search daylilies Texas. Clubs can be found at And that might be a good starting point for toothy daylily sources. Searching for Toothy daylilies will give you an idea what is available. Prepare for a bit of sticker shock. The latest and greatest plants can be pricey. Plants that have been around for a while can be down in the 10 or 20 dollar range.

      1. John Hric Post author

        Kim – I don’t know if this is close to you. If you are interested. Please ignore if this is too much information… Jamie does both his own Ohio toothies and is carrying on the work of the Florida Space Coast hybridizer. Which also includes some toothies. Next month on March 8th, Brazosport Daylily Society will host Jamie Gossard. Jamie will present his program and then an auction will be held. The meeting will start at 2:30pm, located at the Lake Jackson Civic Center, on Highway 332 in Lake Jackson, Texas. We also have a meal following the meeting. Come if you can – we would love to have you.
        Contact for the daylily club is :
        Eddie Raye Andrews
        Waller, Texas, Region 6, Zone (8b)

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