Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and raindrops

more raindrops. on film. it is warmish here today and another cold front is ready to chase warmish outish again. and even if cold is coming through spring is not too far away. daylight keeps getting longer. eventually winter will surrender. and we can start dreaming about summer…


9 thoughts on “Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and raindrops

  1. bikerchick57

    I am enjoying your many blog posts with daylily photos. One of my favorites that I used to plant in the former in-laws’ yard. So many colors and varieties to choose from!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Glad you enjoy them. I need to get out into the garden once it warms up and forget about the news. And sooner or later start seeing those new seedlings and their colors. You never know what they are going to be. Thanks Mary J


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