i am sitting here with a picture of a flower. thinking what to write. sitting here thinking about hope. thinking the world is still going crazy. thinking about not giving up. thinking we can do this. thinking it still will be messy. hmmm starting to sound like stuff we have all done before. it was a good day today. even if i am starting to loose count of how long we have been sheltering in place. the sun came out. and if it was not too warm at least it was not too windy. it was a day to head to the red cross and donate platelets. two hours of having some of the nicest people on earth needle me. when i started the donation there was a few other people donating. and a slow and steady stream of donors continued. donors have their temperature taken at the front door. changes have been made to the waiting and post donation areas for social distancing. we can do this. and when i got home the sun was still out and there was time for a stroll through the garden. the crocus and miniature daffodil are still blooming. roses are sending out tiny red leaves. the dark leaves of virginia bluebell are pushing out of the ground. there are larkspur seedlings everywhere. and the maple trees are filled with red buds that bursting open. the black walnut is biding its time. still to early for that one. it is spring. there is hope.

5 thoughts on “sitting

  1. NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    Thank you for your donation of platelets especially during this challenging time. Hope is always a good thing and will definitely help us get through this. Day 11 for me, and I’m feeling every one of them. I may be an introvert, but I definitely discovered there is a difference between that and isolation. 🙂 Continue to be safe.


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