for X Marks the Spot. even if the flower does not make a traditional x. we are also at our own x spot. tonight one of the doctors on the virus task force said the united states as a country needs to shelter in place. she said we need to do this to flatten the curve and give the medical responders a chance to treat virus patients. the reality of our situation is that there are still 10 states without any shelter in place guidance. several large states like florida and georgia just issued shelter in place yesterday and it will not go into place until end of day friday. and there is no national level shelter in place. so the flattening of the curve is a terrifying 6 plus weeks out. there are a whole lot of national and state leaders hiding behind their delays, lies, and terrible excuses. they are not leading us out of this virus threat. they are leading us deeper into the virus threat. so yes x marks the spot. support and thank medical responders and first responders. shelter in place. emotionally support friends, family, and anyone you meet that needs your support. we can do this. we have to do this until our clumsy leaders get their act together. and when the doctors and nurses start saying they have enough personal protective gear and enough ventilators and medicines then we will give the doctors, nurses, first responders, and ourselves a chance…


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