uncommon sense

priorities. reordering priorities. the virus has changed priorities. it is so good at infection and damage to lungs resulting in secondary infections like pneumonia that it has led to uncommon sense. if we stay at home, if we do not travel then the rate of infection starts to drop. if we keep away from one another we can slow infection. we can help medical responders. we can help first responders. we can stop the hospitals from being completely swamped with patients. we can help ourselves. stay at home. when you must go out wear a mask. a home made mask. wash your hands. stay safe. shelter in place, thank a medical responder, thank first responders, show empathy everyone needs some now. we are in this together. we can do this…

4 thoughts on “uncommon sense

  1. John Hric Post author

    It is a good thing I don’t need to socially distance my flowers. I would need three times the garden or heaven forbid three time less flowers. And this distance sticking. It will work with a lot of rework of everything else we do. Will we need an app to make the clink when we toast ?


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