today was a day of most. rain. snow. warm sunshine. wind. then sunshine, wind, and clouds with the sunshine and clouds alternating until sunset. i did manage to put down fertilizer on the plants that were weeded yesterday. it took a half hour. it started in sunshine. then the wind kicked up and the clouds blew in. and suddenly the ground had a good dusting of little round snowballs. spring. my favorite time of most every weather. throw in a leader who barely understands shelter in place for two whole days before he wants to restart the business cycles. and who thinks preventative screening is an optional luxury. call it a hunch. hold on tight this ride is not over yet.

8 thoughts on “most

    1. John Hric Post author

      I will accept that polite answer. Would you like to go for double jepordy with what is behind door number 2 ? Nothing like a good spring roller coaster day. At least we did not wake up to snow here. Just east of us they got the white stuff. Stay warm and healthy !

  1. Niki Flow

    Thank you for your photos. I am reading Dr. Cynthia Li’s book, A Brave New Medicine. She says that time in nature increases our immunity, but and I had heard that. The book is wonderful by the way, answering many questions. What I did not know is that even looking at photos of nature, like your flowers, boosts our immunity too. I’ve forgotten the science behind it and she explained it very well. I’m trying to figure out how to plan my completely overrun back yard and turn it into a flourishing garden of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. What advice would you give a new gardener? (I say new but I’ve been at this for over 50 years and dreadful things keep happening to my poor plants! So I recover but will never give up. I know I can do it! =) ♥.


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